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Trades Capital is a recently launched online platform for binary options trading that was designed to make trading faster, easier, and safer for all levels of traders regardless of their skills and expertise. Within its brief lifespan, Trades Capital has already helped many of their clients to make up to ninety percent profit on their transaction.
This review examines the key features of Trades Capital to help readers make an informed decision while opting for their trading platform.
While trading at Trades Capital, the traders have a wide range of packages to choose from. Based on their needs, they may opt for bonus rewards, corporate benefits, managed accounts, training support, or risk-free trades while getting started. Here are the four account types offered by Trades Capital.


Pro Trader: This is the basic account with a minimum deposit of $500. Some of its features include 50{2c1f652f1d32827f96a950ab9162d88da1d822a7cb458fb6fe1455ba8adf99ed} sign up bonus, daily and weekly market review, round the clock support, training with videos and e-books, demo account, SMS and email based signal service, account manager, etc.

Auto Trader: The minimum deposit for this package is $5000. In addition to the features of Pro Trader, this package offers additional benefits such as premium signal service, advanced training, free trades, 100{2c1f652f1d32827f96a950ab9162d88da1d822a7cb458fb6fe1455ba8adf99ed} sign-up bonus, cash-back, dedicated VIP platform, and automated trading platforms.

VIP Managed: These accounts have a minimum deposit requirement of $10,000. The additional benefits available to the holders of these accounts are personal broker analyst, 24/7 broker availability, technical/fundamental strategy, trade verification, and training on money management and risk management.

Executive VIP: This is the most high-end package from Trades Capital with a minimum deposit of $50,000. The unique benefits of this package include corporate account, interest bearing account, 150{2c1f652f1d32827f96a950ab9162d88da1d822a7cb458fb6fe1455ba8adf99ed} sign-up bonus, fund insurance and protection, and a debit card tied to the account.

Trades Capital also offers a wide range of trading instruments for their brokers including:

  • Digital: 15 minutes-end of day trades
  • One-touch- A single trade may lead to a 400{2c1f652f1d32827f96a950ab9162d88da1d822a7cb458fb6fe1455ba8adf99ed} profit.
  • Turbo: 1-5 minute trades.
  • Range: Functions by setting two levels on the contract, below and
    above the current market price.


Welcome Bonus
$250 Free Upon Deposit

60 Days GOLD Trade Alerts

30 Days 5 Minute Binary Alerts

Deposit Bonus
100{2c1f652f1d32827f96a950ab9162d88da1d822a7cb458fb6fe1455ba8adf99ed} up to $10,000

Min Deposit: $250

Max Deposit: $500k



Final Verdict

After a thorough examination of Trades Capital, it appears that this platform is certainly an excellent destination, particularly for the newbies in the world of binary options trading. Their world-class education center is probably second to none in the industry. To assist traders remain on top of their game at all times, Trades Capital also has a mobile application.
To finish up this TradesCapital review, it would be fair to mention that the four points mentioned below makes Trades Capital one of the safest and most recommendable trading programs at present.

  • Beginners can get started with a capital as low as $250 only.
  • Maximum security for the brokers with an SSL 3.0 last generation 24h/24.
  • World class guidance with tons of video tutorials, webinars, market reviews,
    and a variety of signals.
  • A possible ROI of up to 85{2c1f652f1d32827f96a950ab9162d88da1d822a7cb458fb6fe1455ba8adf99ed} within just one hour. Brokers can also limit their
    loss by ending a transaction prematurely with just one click.

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